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“Natural design for life and a lifetime”

The Natural Design Network Logo

The Natural Design Network

We believe that everyone should have access to sustainable living environments. To achieve this goal we offer planning services for building projects where natural material and traditional methods are used. We offer solutions for building environmentally friendly, energy efficient, CO2 negative, healthy homes. The Natural Design Network brings together professionals from different fields of building design. We can offer all planning services which are needed in a building project. We can also offer project management services.


Our design principles: Design for life

  • Lifecycle efficiency: adaptability, durability, investment vs. lifetime of the building
  • Sustainability: positive social impact, low environmental impact, accessible & affordable
  • Quality architecture: desirable and purposeful, using the advatage of nature’s own processes
  • Natural materials: healthy living spaces, traditional craftsmanship, possibility for local production

Ecological & natural example projects